Ubuntu 14th Course  the SPRING FLOWER POT
Ubuntu - 2x-shucked peas and GOLDEN SHOOTS in a consommé of the shells white chocolate CHOCOLATE MINT macadamia PURPLE PEAS in the pod
Ubuntu - carta da musica, our crisp Sardinian flatbread topped with ubuntu SPRING GARDEN  truffled pecorino.
Noma Restaurant Terbaik Di Dunia
Restaurant Noma: Hvide asparges med pocheret æggeblomme og skovmærkesauce
Mugaritz - potatoes encased in a brittle shell made with edible white clay and lactose, and sun-ripened red fruit with beet bubbles
beautiful flower salad
Noma s Shrimp and Sea Urchin Powder
Noma the fat duck
Noma Restaurant Grass Wafer
Noma Pickled vegetables and flowers with smoked bone marrow and herbs
Noma Platter
Noma Artichoke ice cream
Noma Carrot dessert
Noma Danish fresh strawberries
Noma Summer deer
Noma ART Potatoes
Noma Oyster sans lid
Noma - Oyster in a pot
Noma Langoustine on a rock
Noma Dessert
Noma Egg is ready
Noma Smoked quail eggs
Noma Best Restaurant in the World