Cinemagraphs (beautiful animated gifs)

Fireworks Cinemagraphs
Slo-Mo Hair in the Wind Cinemagraph
Young Girl Reading in the Woods - Cinemagraph
Toy Train Cinemagraph
Girl Blowing bubbles cinemagraph
Cinemagraph of two girls from the film Daisies
Cinemagraph Outdoor Heated Pool at Ski Resort
cute girl reading cinemagraph
Romantic Cinemagraph - Kissing in Paris
Cinemagraph - Spinning Die
Cinemagraph - Husband and Wife Swinging
Cinemagraph Hipsters on Bikes
Cinemagraph Drinking Coffee
Fountain Cinemagraph
Cinemagraph Models flicking earrings
Cinemagraph a quiet autumn rain
Cinemagraph Fall Leaves
Cinemagraph Disney Splash Mountain
Cinemagraph Disney World Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Cinemagraph Woman on Rocks
Cinemagraph Woman in Ocean Shipwrecked
Car Sand Driving Cinemagraph
Sailboat Cinemagraph
Sailing Cinemagraph
Turntable Cinemagraph with Model