Rihanna - Posing for the camera in a dance room
Rihanna - With head tilted sideways
Rihanna - Her beautiful smile!
Rihanna - In a green hat
Rihanna - Smiling as she always does
Rihanna - Walking down the pavement
Rihanna - In a blue jacket
Rihanna - Looking thoughtful before buying a mansion
Rihanna - In a live performance
Rihanna - At a cultural festival
Rihanna - At Manor nightclub
Rihanna - Posing for the camera with a wooden background
Rihanna - In a grey dress
Rihanna - Photoshoot
Rihanna - Singing from her heart
Rihanna - Beautiful in her dress
Rihanna - Waving
Rihanna - In a depresses mood
Rihanna - In a black dress with hair pulled back
Rihanna -  At her birthday NBA all star game performance
Rihanna - In a contemptuous pose for a magazine
Rihanna - Just looking so beautiful
Rihanna - In a glossy black dress
Rihanna - In an orange dress
Rihanna - In a black dress