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Zhejiang Wansan Washing Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.
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Zhejiang Wansan Washing Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd. was founded in September 2015. Its precursor is Hangzhou Low Carbon Washing Equipment Co.,Ltd.Due to the need of company development, Low Carbon and Shaoxing Topoly Packing Co.,Ltd. jointly established Zhejiang Wansan Washing Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in September 2015.It was located in Binhai New Town, Shangyu District, Shaoxing City,China. It's mainly responsible for research and development and production of equipment and whole factory, and selling the products through Topoly. With the development need of market and Topoly and the goal of making full use of resource advantages to develop business, Topoly implements the strategy of managing and developing business independently. The production and sales of all kinds of equipment in washing industry and integration of the whole factory are based on the platform and brand of Wansan, which makes its managing and developing completely independent. Zhejiang Wansan Washing Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was renamed Zhejiang Wansan Washing Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd. in July 2017. It faces the market with the characteristics of intelligent production and environmental protection. The resources of this field including resource qualification, staff team, channels, technical data, patented inventions and so on are totally transferred from Topoly to Wansan. We are specialized in outputting and implementing of overall plans on washing industry intelligent central factory?flagship store?, innovative design and refined manufacturing of intelligent equipment and systems, supplying perfect and special after-sales service. Over the years we adhere to “quality first, customer supreme”as basic principles of market development and repay society with comprehensive, timely and considerate service. We insist on“integrity-based and innovation makes better achievements”as basic tenet and adhere to “making win-win cooperation and no best only better”as business philosophy to not only provide excellent , reliable products and all-round professional services but also give companies a stable and sustainable development. At present, the company's products and services have been widely used in the middle and high-end market of the domestic industry, and also gained the favor of Japan, Korea, New Zealand and Taiwan etc. We will also continuously introduce innovative smart products, constantly lead to fill the industry gap and solve the industry "pain points" such as the comprehensive research and development of intelligent packaging and automatic disinfection products and concepts in each subdivision area; we look forward to join hands with all the new and old customers in the industry to create a brilliant future together. Zhejiang Wansan is dedicated to developing into a professional enterprise in the industry that focuses on the research and development, making, operation and maintenance of complete sets of intelligent equipment and system integration engineering. We are also dedicated to developing into the active participant and sustainable development promoter of exploration about the washing industry profit model.

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Zhejiang Wansan Washing Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Zhejiang Wansan Washing Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.
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